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Plumber Stockholm & Emergency service 24/7

Alvis Rörakut Service has extensive experience and broad knowledge in plumbing and plumbing. We undertake both small and large assignments as plumbers in Stockholm County.

We work with private individuals as well as companies and tenant-owner associations when we fix stops in drains, renovate bathrooms, and perform heat pump service.

No job is too big or too small for our plumbers, we are just as happy to come out and install a kitchen mixer that works for several months on a larger project.

It is important to us that we perform quality work and that you as a customer are satisfied.

Plumbers Emergency Service

Plumbing emergency service around the clock for acute problems

If an accident occurs and you need a plumber, our plumbing emergency service in Stockholm is the fastest alternative.

We are usually on site within 1 hour in Stockholm.

Our service cars have all the tools and all the materials to solve urgent problems, regardless of the time of day.

We are insured, authorised and well educated in our areas. Plumbing emergency services for acute plumbing problems in Stockholm is our speciality, e.g. water leaks, no heat or blockage in drains are problems that need to be addressed whether it is weekend or late at night.

We work throughout Stockholm County and help all types of customers: private individuals, companies, property owners, tenant-owner associations, contracts and construction companies.

Rörmokare Stockholm Jourbil rörjour

Stop in drains, toilet & sink

Clogging the drain is one of the most common plumbing problems that usually occurs. We help you regardless of whether it is: stop in the drain, stop in the sink, stop in the toilet, stop in the kitchen or stop in the sink. We perform sewage treatment throughout Stockholm with our professional sewage treatment machines and high pressure pumps.

Avoid blockage

Be careful what you throw in the drain. The most common causes of blockages in the drain are tops, carpet grease, sanitary napkins, soap scum and hair. The toilet is only for faeces and toilet paper to be flushed down, nothing else.

If you still happen to stop in the toilet, do not use corrosive agents, it can damage both you and the toilet enamel. Read more about our un-clogging service.

Avloppsrensning Stockholm, stopp i toaletten med rensmaskin

Planned plumbing work in Stockholm

Do you need help but it is not urgent? Installing a new washing machine or performing heat pump service are examples of things that are usually better suited to perform during regular working hours. Alvis Rörakut Service performs planned work in plumbing & plumbing throughout Stockholm.

Contact us by phone or send a quote request and we will book an appointment for you during regular working hours. Planned work is cheaper compared to our plumping emergency service, which is there for when it is urgent. Book planned plumbing work.

Minimize the damage, fix the water leak immediately

It is better to call our Plumbers Stockholm and ask us for advice to know if it is an urgent problem than to wait until the day because it can aggravate the injuries. You save both time and money by having our Pipe Emergency Service repair a leaking pipe directly instead of waiting for regular working hours.

Welcome to contact us at Alvis Rörakut Service when you need emergency plumbers help regardless of the time of day!

Vattenläcka bromma, vattenläckage

Heat pump service in Stockholm

Take care and service your heat pump before winter comes. A heat pump service ensures that your heat pump works optimally and produces heat when you need it during the cold seasons.

We perform heat pump service, repairs and maintenance of all kinds of heat pumps such as rock heat pumps, air-to-water heat pumps, exhaust air heat pumps and electric boilers. It does not matter what brand your heat pump has, we perform heat pump service on IVT, THERMIA, NIBE, CTC and BOSCH.

When we perform the heat pump service in Stockholm, we go through your entire heat pump and check that everything works as it should. Read more about our heat pump service.

We specialise in heat pumps and help you regardless of whether your heat pump has stopped working, needs service or you want help with the installation of a heat pump.

Does your heat pump not produce enough heat? Book your heat pump service today!

Värmepumpservice Nibe

Recommended plumbers

It is difficult to find good plumbers in Stockholm nowadays due to all new construction, renovations and occupancy. At the same time, it is risky to take the first best plumber. Not everyone is certified or charges exorbitant prices and you may end up as a dissatisfied customer.

Trying to pull pipes yourself is both complicated and can lead to serious consequences such as water leaks. The best thing is to try to get a good plumber from the beginning.

Alvis Rörakut Service is a plumber with good reviews and satisfied customers. In most cases, our customers are very satisfied with our plumbers the quality of their work. When friends and acquaintances later ask our customers for good plumbers in Stockholm, they are happy to recommend us. Many customers contact us due to recommendation plumber Stockholm.

It can be stressful to work as a plumber, but our employees do their utmost to give you as a customer a pleasant welcome, even if it happened on a difficult occasion such as a water leak or a stop in the toilet.

Rörmokare och nöjd kund skakar hand

Get a quote

You can get a quote from us at Alvis Rörakut Service. Fill in the quotation request with what you need help with and we will return promptly with a quote on your planned plumbing work.

If needed, our plumbers in Stockholm will come out to you to see what you want help with. The better we understand your wishes and needs, the better we can fulfill them. Fill in the quotation request

If there is an urgent plumbing problem, call our Plumber emergency service Stockholm for help immediately.

If it feels complicated to describe what you need help with the quote request, you are always welcome to call our plumbers Stockholm.

Experienced & authorised plumbers

Alvis Rörakut Service is the plumbing company for you who want competent and service-oriented plumbers in Stockholm at the right price. We do most things in plumbing such as bathroom renovations, sewer stops, heat pumps and plumbing.

Our plumbers Stockholm are experienced and at the same time retain their passion for plumbing. We see a nice installation and well-drawn pipes as a reward and that motivates us. Only the best are employed by us and of course all our plumbers in Stockholm are authorised according to the industry rules ”Safe Water Installation”.

Our customers appreciate our plumbers’ accuracy, reliability and work quality.

When one of our plumbers comes to your home in Stockholm, you can feel confident that he is a specialist in what you need help with, regardless of whether it is about plumbing, heat pumps or sewer blockages.

    Bathroom Renovation Stockholm

    Is it time to renovate the bathroom?

    We build bathrooms and know what it takes for the end result to be good. The development is constantly in terms of materials and knowledge about wet rooms, so we make sure that our qualified craftsmen continuously update their knowledge.

    We guarantee all the work we perform so you can always feel safe when our plumbers perform services in plumbing and bathroom renovation with you in Stockholm.

    Value-adding with bathroom renovation in Stockholm

    Renovating the bathroom is an investment of both time and money. If you live in Stockholm, a bathroom renovation is the safest card to increase the value of an apartment, however, it is also the most expensive. If you carry out a bathroom renovation, you can count on being out with a lot of money until the day you sell the home.

    A newly renovated bathroom is what is most sought after among home buyers in Stockholm, so the cost of a bathroom renovation is money that you will earn again with a bang.

    If you plan to sell your home within a few years, it pays to renovate a bathroom in Stockholm!

    Turnkey bathroom renovation

    We offer turnkey contracts, which means that we take responsibility for everything from design to the completion of your bathroom renovation. This means that you do not have to turn to several different craftsmen without us taking care of it for you and you save both time and money.

    Contact us for a quote on bathroom renovation in Stockholm

    Badrumsrenovering Stockholm, nyrenoverat badrum

    Save 30% of the labor cost with the ROT deduction

    As a private individual and owner of a villa, detached house or condominium, you are entitled to a tax deduction of 30% of the labor cost for plumbing installations, repairs and maintenance as well as work on rebuilding or for the home. Up to SEK 50,000 per person and year can be saved with the ROT deduction. If you are two people who own the home together, you can receive up to SEK 100,000 in ROT deductions per year. The ROT deduction does not apply to material costs.

    We apply for the ROT deduction for you

    When you choose us as a plumber, we handle the contact with the Swedish Tax Agency for you and deduct the ROT deduction directly from the invoice.

    You do not have to think about applying to the Swedish Tax Agency, we will take care of that for you. Just say that you want to use the ROT deduction for the administration to be correct. Feel free to contact the Swedish Tax Agency for more information on what applies to be entitled to a ROT deduction.

    30% avdrag på arbetskostnaden med ROT-avdrag

    A reliable pipe company in Stockholm

    Alvis Rörakut Service is a recognised reliable and reputable pipe company in Stockholm that performs all assignments based on quality-assured routines such as new installation, service and maintenance.

    Thanks to our broad competence, we can perform all types of work in plumbing. This makes Alvis Rörakut Service a complete pipe company in Stockholm that offers professional clients in the private and public sector qualified pipe installations.

    Our work is done with high quality and great sensitivity to each customer’s conditions and terms. With our long experience and high competence, we can make effective solutions and a fast professional execution. The goal is to worry-free plumbing installations and service work with a finished result that guarantees quality, well-functioning function and operational reliability.

    There are many pipe companies in Stockholm, but it is important to choose the right one. Some are not certified, charge exorbitant prices or are not interested in performing minor work for private individuals or only perform work during the day.

    We are solving problems with Nibe water heaters in Stockholm and other brands.

    Alvis Rörakut Service is a certified pipe company, which performs the work when you need us, weekdays and weekends throughout Stockholm at reasonable prices.

    Water and Sewerage information Stockholm municipality

    When the fault is with your property’s VA installation, contact us at Alvis Rörakut Service and our emergency plumbing service will help you in Stockholm regardless of the time of day.

    We perform both on emergency plumbing service around the clock and planned plumbing work in all parts of Stockholm municipality: Bromma, Enskede, Farsta, Hägersten, Hässelby, Kista, Kungsholmen, Liljeholmen, Norrmalm, Rinkeby, Skarpnäck, Skärholmen, Spånga, Stockholm City, Södermalm, Tensta , Vantör, Vasastan, Vällingby, Älvsjö, Årsta and Östermalm

    Of course, we also carry out the work throughout Stockholm County!

    Water shutdown regular working hours

    Do you need to turn off the water during regular working hours before your own main tap (the main tap is located at the water meter site)? Make an error report to Stockholm Water and Waste on tel: 08-522 120 00.

    Water shutdown the rest of the time

    If the water needs to be switched off before your own main tap outside normal working hours, contact Stockholm Water and Waste in collaboration with SOS Alarm on tel: 08-454 25 70.

    Wastewater flooding

    In case of emergency due to flooding of wastewater contact the Rescue Service for help with bilge pumping and report faults to Stockholm Water and Waste. If possible, document the extent and any damage.

    We help you regardless of plumbing problems in Stockholm!

    No matter what it is you need help with, sewer, plumbing or plumber Stockholm, you are always welcome to call us at Alvis Rörakut Service. We solve your problems, should it be the case that other craftsmen or electricians are needed, we will solve it as well.

    If you are unsure if there is a fault in the municipality’s water pipes or in your property, it does not matter, we help you with both planned work and plumbing emergencies in Stockholm.

    You can always feel safe when you choose to contact us at Alvis Rörakut Service!

    We work throughout Stockholm County and all its municipalities.

    Feel free to contact us, we will help you no matter where in Stockholm you live.

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